I am in the process of building another R8 Gordini Replica. I have the original moulds for the nose and front fenders that the Renault factory rally team used in the 70’s. I build a precise replica of the R8 Gordini.
I use the R12 TL big valve engine, complete with sidedraughts and a hot cam. Gordini Engines is not available any more.

The car is a complete from the ground up restoration. Everything is new. Brakes, seats etc.
I only have one original Gordini dashbord available. The next car will have a fabricated dash.
I already built 4 replicas and they were all exported. This one i would like to keep here in RSA, thats why i only advertise here. I have a complete and rust free car available as a donor, that is why i can do it for the price.
I will need 50 % on the price as a deposit and the rest when the car is completed. I roadworthy and register in your name.

Call Basie on 083 647 3588 for more info and to discuss

I sell the car for R75 000

Will you be interested?? Or maybe you know someone else....

You can also email me on eqm@mweb.co.za for more info

Renault R8 Gordini for sale

Renault R8 Gordini for sale

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