A note of thanks, to the Angel-BATs

November 2, 2013 at 9:25pm


Today - 2 November 2013 - was the day BAT 5 took place. I got up at 02:30, left for Joburg at 04:45, Skortie's boot packed with whatever was necessary...Got to the starting point just fine - didn't even take a single wrong turn! - and got to formally meet the two Main-BATs.

Then we set off, Skortie and me both clearly amped up for the action...About halfway to the Grasmere Toll Plaza, Skortie began to stutter, spluttered and decided to pass out completely. I was stuck about two-hundred metres behind the last of the bikes, and was fairly sure nobody even noticed I'd stopped. But a few minutes later I was surprised to see a bike coming down in the wrong direction of the offramp next to me. Sven Slabbert, our photo-ninja had seen me. So first off, thank you for turning back Sven. If you hadn't, I'd still be standing there, next to the highway.

Waited an hour (I was sure it was merely an overheating problem) with no luck getting Skortie running again. I'd tried just about all my friends in the area by then, all were either busy, car-less, or not in town at that time. Go figure. Just when you need a hand, they're all occupied. So after another hour or so, one of the guys returning from the Ride noticed me, and turned around. So, herewith my next Thank You. I clean forgot to ask your name, sir. You figured out that it was the dizzy's points that had gone - I never even thought to check them, I mean, they were almost new! - and then you stood there with me for two hours, so that I wasn't alone. Sorry, I'm terrible company (laughs).

After those two hours, another bike appeared and stopped. I wasn't expecting one of the two Main-BATs at all, but there you were, James Sleigh. So my third Thank You goes to you, Sir. What a great guy! Almost immediately you started calling around, trying to find someone who could help us. Pat stopped as well, not long after James. My fourth Thank You, then, goes to you, Pat. Thank you for helping with putting back the new points, and for standing around while we waited for James. Here, again, thank you James. You went and rode off to two spares shops, bought the points, and didn't even take my money for them.And after all of that, I get a hug, and freshly printed BAT stickers!I was upset that I missed all the action at the Plaza, but today (2 November 2013) was amazing. It showed once again that Bikers are just woven of a whole different material... I stand humbled. THANK YOU


Karr (Karien Pretorius, a.k.a. "The Chick With The Red Escort")

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